Navel Projection for Connection

July 29, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


Whether we're talking to someone on the street, teaching a yoga class, giving a speech, or chatting on Facebook, we can have more impact with what we're transmitting if we learn to access our energy from the navel.

I've been training yoga teachers for more than 10 years now, and projecting your voice as a teacher regularly comes up.  It can be a challenge.

There's quite a difference between just talking louder (from your throat) so the room can hear you vs. speaking and teaching from your navel center, your center of power, self love, self worth, self esteem.

When we speak from the navel point (your personal power point), we are sending an authentic, powerful vibration (a sound current) behind the words we are using to actually penetrate the person or person's auras we are speaking to.

We are all connected, so when we are together in a room, our energy fields (auras) co-mingle. As we know, when two or more are gathered, we can have faster experiences together.

Send positive words (vibrations) when speaking as they have a lot more power; the people you are speaking to will be uplifted even faster.

If you yourself are in a higher, more elevated state due to daily yoga, prayer or meditation, then your "transmissions" will be even that much more uplifting!  So make sure you are keeping your navel center strong by daily self care, self love practices and core strengthening exercises.

This is especially true now with the last 100 years of technology and communication advancements and devices such as Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook, you say? There is no coincidence that the internet and FB came out before the Aquarian Age. It's ALL about connecting as a global consciousness.  We are more connected than ever.

Remember everything is just energy or vibration so with these online tools, we have even more power at our fingertips to inspire and uplift others. It just goes to show you that the "speed" of the times (the aquarian age) can rapidly put more power behind all that we do. The internet is just mirroring the universal energy.  There is no separation.  We are one and the same.

There really is no time and space.  We don't have to even be in the same room with someone to affect them.  We can "beam" our energy via our thoughts and have an effect.  We KNOW this from the ancient power of prayer, right?

So use these tools to get your uplifting and inspiring knowledge and words out there!  You don't have to write about what's for dinner or complain as many do in online forums.  YOUR soul can use these tools to really connect. Project from your divine love and knowledge within to inspire and elevate others! We came here to share our gifts and talents. You DO have so much to say and share that is profound. Project to connect.



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