Moving On and Sharing the Past

December 14, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


The POD arrived on a cold, blustery day in Michigan.  It was good to have a month in between packing it and receiving it.  It was quite emotional to go through the stages of this family asana.  A break was appreciated.

I went outside to begin the unpacking and I couldn't get the door to open.  It seemed as if some heavier items had shifted in the transporting and had jammed into the door.

After getting the door up a few inches I was able to pry a shovel under it and push my Dad's old heavy tool boxes a bit. With a little more elbow grease I was able to free the door and open up again to that familiar smell of Mom and Dad's house still lingering amongst the items.  Even in the smell, so many wonderful memories and feelings were triggered again.

With my new hand truck just purchased from Lowes, I began to unload my new belongings and the things I would sell .  I quickly placed the charming stone bench in a sweet corner of my backyard.  I already love to look out back  through my patio and kitchen windows and see mom's bench. So special.

I am the youngest of four and was happy to take on the task of selling some of the family treasures. As the estate sale gal and I went through the items box by box I recalled some fun family stories about this or that.

Tears welled up as I reminisced about my Dad's humble career path climb and his retirement party where over 3000 employees shook our hands and shared with us four children how he profoundly effected their lives too.

To see Mom's paintings over the years and her incredible artistic side shine through all her creations was beautiful to witness again.

We started a pile on one side of the garage for sale and the other for my treasures to take inside.

As time went on that morning I was realizing that this was going to be more than a sale.  Yes it was the selling of my folks things but even more so the allowing & releasing of "they aren't ME either."

I walked into my house and decided  it was time to let go of the guilt and some of the furniture I had had for years in my own home that isn't me anymore as well.

I have loved them over the years and yes they served a great purpose. Now it's time to let them go too.

It is time to pass the baton.  Allow others to enjoy them and allow me now to bring in and live in the right energy for my lifestyle.

Releasing the past creates the future.

Thanks Mom and Dad for sharing so much of your love and light over the years within the walls of our family homes.  Many will enjoy your special things and the memories I can always hold in my heart will be the most precious items I could ever ask for.






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