Mother and Son "Yoga" Billy Joel Style

March 19, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


A week or so before Xmas my middle son called me and said, "Block February 15th out.  I'm getting you something for that evening for Xmas.  And don't go looking on the Internet for what it could be!"

I didn't ask any questions or do any digging, and it turns out, that date was perfect as it divinely fell between two big trips. I was going to be home!

Xmas morning came along, and there were two tickets to a Billy Joel concert! I was so excited and happy he planned an evening for the two of us.

I really cherish my outings with my sons. Time with them is so special at their ages of 18, 25 and 29.

And I love that they like to do things with me like go to rock concerts, tour the auto show or travel to California! My youngest and I have been to see Bon Jovi twice.

They may not be practicing yoga on the mat too much with me right now in their lives, but we sure do "yoga" or yoke or "to union" together on a regular basis.  Yoga comes in many forms. Keeping my boys close and close to me is so important.

So off we went the two of us, dinner and then to the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Jeff picked me up like a true gentleman (what a treat!) and I bought dinner. He even thought ahead enough to play Billy Joel tunes in the car.

Who would have ever thought that 36 years since I last saw Billy Joel in Ann Arbor at Crisler Arena as a freshman at the University of Michigan, I'd be going now with my 25-year-old son?  He likes Billy Joel too!

As a Michigan State student, Jeff says they played "Piano Man" at the end of evenings at his favorite watering holes.  Too funny.  Yet Jeff had never seen him live.

We took our seats up high in a great location; we could see the stage really well. Although Billy has aged a tad just like me (lol), his singing hasn't aged a bit.

When I closed my eyes, I was right back in Ann Arbor so long ago. Memories came flooding back in.  Sitting there again took me right back to freshman year.

I'd say his vocals and musicianship are even better now.  In yoga we call the sound current the Naad.  His sound current (listen in) is still so clear, pure, powerful and penetrating. And that's why at the age of almost 65, he can still sell out 22,000 seats.  Wow.

His energy is still strong.  To be able to sustain continuous singing and performing for more than two hours was impressive.  He's plugged into something bigger, a higher frequency, or current, for sure.

I love the fact that he hasn't recorded anything new in decades…. like the Beatles, the great, true artists always stay relevant.

While there were many people my age attending the concert, I saw many youth, too. His music and, as I witness every day teaching yoga with mantra, the sound current brings everyone together.

We forget about our small stuff and plug into love: that's what yoga is truly all about.


Owner, Karma Yoga Inc.



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