More video of Katherine in India

March 11, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


More great footage of Katherine Austin in India, preparing for the 2014 Karma Yoga India retreat!


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Flying With Faith, Not Fear

April 2, 2013
"I don't live in fear. All good experiences have come from trusting the universe. There is no other way to live or love."  Olivia Wilde My faith and...

Let Go or Be Dragged

April 1, 2013
  This quote appeared to me today.  Not a surprise.  It's been an interesting time since I returned from India last week.  I've had numerous...

My India Journey 2013 - by Katherine Austin

March 13, 2013
Katherine wrote this on Saturday, March 9th... It's Saturday 3/9, the sun is setting and I'm on a train now to Amritsar, about halfway through my trip....