Let Go or Be Dragged

April 1, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley



This quote appeared to me today.  Not a surprise.  It's been an interesting time since I returned from India last week.  I've had numerous people contacting me regarding things that have finally come up for them and that need to be released.

We've been told for the past several years that with the coming of the New Age, old patterns not in alignment with our Truth would not hold up anymore.  Secrets, things we've done in the past that we regret, and our true feelings are ready to be let out.  For better (not worse) we are being forced forward with our evolution.  Yeah!

We just came off a big Mercury in retrograde.  This is always a time of cleaning up the past, hence the word retro.  Couple that with spring equinox and a powerful full moon, bam, time to let go.

As the proverb says above:  Let go or be dragged.  So true.  All old dysfunctional patterns, traumas, choices, fears just rob our energy and keep us from fulfilling our potential.  Period.  They drag us down, away from our light.

It takes so much courage to change.  That's why so many don't.  So they continue to operate under the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

To decide to move forward, reveal, heal, resolve and evolve is the call of your soul.  Do your self-worth and self-love work first.  It won't matter then to you what the rest of the world is thinking, saying or doing.  You'll easily stand in your Truth, your Sat Nam.

What a beautiful example for your loved ones, family, co-workers and friends to model courage, beauty and light.  It will allow them the courage to take out their trash, be fearless and finally fulfill their life's destiny.

Don't worry. Be happy.



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