Let’s Go! Eleven Days, Eleven Minutes, A Wh

February 27, 2013


"To be fully alive, fully human, and completely awake is to be continually thrown out of the nest…"

When I first began teaching at Karma Yoga (almost three years ago), Katherine Austin, owner of the studio, said to me "It will be interesting to see where you are with your teaching a year or two from now." Well, here I am and loving it! Who would have thought? When we stop resisting and just let ourselves go with the flow…amazing things happen!

And so, today, I will be joyfully participating (by myself; but never alone, upon a cushion, on my floor) in a very simple, yet powerful, 11 day Global Sadhana,"Open to Love" beginning TODAY Wednesday, February 27. Instructions can be found on Spirit Voyage.com – click away! I'm serious when I say "simple!" Perhaps you'd like to join me? This sadhana will open your heart more and more, each day. You will feel a freeing energy shift toward transcendent joy and deeper love. Have you ever experienced 11 minutes of non-stop repetitive arm movement and chanting? Well, it's truly amazing, powerful… and so much fun! Eleven days, eleven minutes and a whole lotta love!

Complete Mantra: "Sat Kartar"

More Information:

"Sat Kartar" is a sound that Guru Nanak, founder of the Sikh Path, (which many of our Kundalini Yoga mantras have come from) would speak, when things would happen, good or bad. His response was, "Sat Kartar!" and in effect he was saying, God or the Great Divine One, is the One doing this action, this situation. The "Sat" in the mantra is first identifying the Soul's True Sound(means Essence of Truth, or Being) It is said that directly behind the heart is supposedly where the Soul resides.

"Kartar" means Doer, and when the two words are combined, it is to say "Doer, Manifestor, or Walker of the Truth." When these primal sounds are repeated/affirmed over time, as a practice, we are in effect, opening, expanding, and directing the energetic FLOW of the Heart.

The second aspect of this heart-opening mantra is that it is a key to living in a state of Faith; we are calling our souls to walk, to experience, to do, in our lives with the belief and understanding that the Divine One is working in all situations. To experience the trusting, faithful aspect of love in our lives, we sometimes need to first do the work to open and trust the Flow of the Divine doing everything. When we open to that Flow then we establish and allow a path for the Universe to Flow back to us in response, with All it is waiting to give to us.

If you're skeptical about where I'm coming from with all this sadhana stuff (which by the way, I completely understand; no one was a bigger skeptic than me) please read an article I wrote last spring about one of my first experiences participating in a Global Sadhana. Hopefully, it will clear up any confusion and encourage you to give it a try. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Always love, Allison

February 27, 2013 By Allison Stuart Kaplan

Article originally published on Allison's website,  Askinyourface.com

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