Juicing the New Year

December 30, 2012
Katherine Austin Wooley


By Kelly Haskee


Stand with a neutral mind under a sunlit sky

Radiate the union of forces of nature that tickle your soul

Breath in the sweetness of the trees exhale,

Connect to the Cosmos all that is

You are God's divine reflection of perfection


May we all Ascend into this new year with an Enlightened Intention.

Filling ourselves with Love, Peace and Bliss.

Pour forth your gifts of truth and feel the joy that exists.

This is a time to match our nourishment of vibration to conscious choices on many levels.  May I suggest a beautiful green fresh juice drink, which holds prana found in the leaves since past.

A great way to stay connected to the vibrancy of life, Bring thy leaves to the juicer, spinach kale romaine, and thy colorful yellow in thy fruit of the lemon, insert the deep mineral qualities of celery and cucumber, warm it with the zest in ginger and sip it with the loving intention of cellularly feeding your system in a way that brings pranic charge to your energy grid.

This intention will harmonize those forces that feed our bodies with nourishment and healing.

Satnam  Siri Santokh

Kelly Haskee, C.M.T. A.P. RYT, owner of Pure Energy Inc., is a member of the Karma Yoga Ayurveda team. Kelly has practiced and studied holistic healing for 28 years. Her passionate journey of enriched studies and certifications include therapeutic massage, Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, sound therapy, Reiki, raw food lifestyling/concentrated nutrition and oxygen-enriched aromatherapy.



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