I'm on an Adventure.....

August 23, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


....what can I learn here?  

This is a beautiful line I was gifted with many years ago.  It has helped me shift my attitude to gratitude know matter the situation.

Our journey this lifetime is just that, a journey. I like to call the situations, events and circumstances we go through exercises for our soul to "grow" through.

So often we bolt when the going gets tough, when our stuff comes up.  Like a yoga pose, if we can stay in it long enough, like when it gets uncomfortable (not painful enough to cause injury) but uncomfortable, we have a huge opportunity to let the healing begin and break through into uncharted, beautiful territory.

Our Higher Self will often kick in and help us have the strength see things a different way instead of reacting from our "old software."  When our brain starts to plug into a better (higher) thought stream, we begin to have enough awareness or consciousness to see patterns, dysfunction and old traumas playing out. Now we have our power back.  We can make better choices and take care of ourselves.

I wrote in a previous blog that it's not the role of relationships, jobs, families, etc., to complete us or make us happy.

That's our job and the work of our higher power.  If we go into these " life poses" with "what am I going to GET here," they will most likely end up never being good enough for us.  We have unrealistic expectations.

I once heard that, expectations are resentments under construction.  What a powerful statement. Learning that can really save a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering!

But if we tune our thinking into our Higher Self radio station (a.k.a. the Truth), we now say "I'm on an adventure!"  We look at everything as an adventure! And just see where it takes us.

When we're on an adventure, we stay open to exploring, enjoying and observing.  Anything is possible.

Instead of the old controlling, manipulating and fixing.  When we are given a challenge instead of complaining, blaming and shaming, we now say, "What am I meant to learn here?"

The many technologies of yoga can assist us in clearing out old software so we can choose higher thoughts and live on a higher plane. We stop getting hijacked by old sub-conscious thought forms and literally install a new operating system.  It is all about clearing and purifying in body, mind and soul.

We've moved into a place of higher consciousness.  We are allowing, letting, trusting and accepting that everything happens for our highest good.  Even if our human ego mind doesn't see it that way on the surface.

There's always a bigger plan in place.

We now know better.






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