Gotta Kundalini

January 24, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


By Michael Sosin

I am addicted to Kundalini Yoga.  It has been a force in opening me to the possibilities that come with living with an open heart and an honest intention.

In March, I was struggling.  I had separated from my ex-wife, with whom I have three children.  The divorce was pending, a life together to be divided.

The toll was emotional and physical.  I was at a point of seeking a different way to raise myself out of the muck I was in.

I had started practicing at Karma Yoga in February.  One of Katherine's Saturday morning classes introduced me to Kundalini postures and meditations.  I was ready to suspend the disbelief that I was born into.  The mystical and the magical are real.

"Aadays Tisai Aaday" was the first mantra that I learned.   I played it in my car for weeks.  Who knows how it got so deep? I just know it released something buried deep in this body of mind.  Enough to bring me to Kundalini classes on Sunday mornings at 6:30 am for a true experience – finding my Sat Nam (my truth – my identity).

Kundalini can be hard, physically demanding and mentally challenging.  The postures are designed to move the energy in your body in different ways for different purposes required to be healthy, happy, whole, holy.

Breath of Fire, kangaroo hop, body drops, donkey kicks, froggies, and so many others, together with meditation and mantra… helped me address fear in my life.

As I quickly grew stronger, I was better able to control the monkey-mind in me that kept insisting it was better to say I couldn't rather than saying of course I can.

They say that people, like the universe, are always expanding.  It is human to resist this expansion.

Somehow, Kundalini helps me keep expanding – vision clear, core strong, heart open, voice free enough to write my truth.

It is

All that I ever wanted

What I intended

And bam

It came to me

The long way

The hard way

My way

To being a part of the life force

the creative force

Natural energy moving





Connection to the god force

Is all that we ever wanted

The universe

Of beings


Planets, stars, black holes

The playing field for the game

Of life expanding

Each being keeps moving

To the harmonics of their own voice


I want to play the long ball

How do we create the limited structures necessary

To trust each other

Love each other

Want each other

To do the work

To feel

Settle in

Soul to ground

Heart to guide

Intention to lead

Spirit to fly

Love to breathe

We are all blessed to be able to move higher, faster, stronger energy together.  There will always be room for more – join us… gotta Kundalini together.


Michael's profession is a lawyer.  He practices as Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary of Stefanini, Inc., an IT outsourcing company based in Brazil.  Michael's passions range from yoga to anything creative to mental health to his family to wherever his voice takes him."

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