Expectations Make Life Messy and Get in the W

January 17, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


A long time ago someone wise once shared with me some brilliant knowledge:  "Expectations are resentments under construction."  It was such enlightening and freeing information for me during a crucial turning point in my life's journey.

For as long as I can remember before some self-revealing, resolving, healing and evolving work,  I always looked outside myself for others or situations to make me happy or determine my self-worth.  Of course, I was unaware of this at the time.  I call this my old operating system or the software that I came in with. I was heartily in need of a metaphorical upgrade.

This is common for many of us; passed down from generation to generation until someone decides to change course.

Day after day I continue to encounter so many suffering needlessly from life's everyday flow.  When we (it's our ego at the wheel) get caught up in others' lives and the behaviors of those around us, what should happen at work or how our spouse, co-workers or other random people "should" be, we are basing our happiness on what happens outside of us.

And, we are not seeing our own stuff.  Everyone's a mirror.  You spot it, you got it!  Ouch!

Think of all the missed out opportunities to see something differently when we are married to our expectations.

No one is responsible for our happiness except us.  In reality, we are powerless over people, places and things.  We are caught in an illusion when we think otherwise.

When we are expecting someone or something to be a certain way, we are thinking we are in control.  Control is just a cover word for fear.  If we weren't in fear deep underneath, we wouldn't feel the need to control, manipulate or fix a situation. We would remember a higher power is in charge, and that everything happens for a reason.

Yoga means union, to yoke.  To yoke what?  The trifecta!  Body, Mind and Spirit.

We meet and fall in love again with our soul through this practice.  And if we allow ourselves to take down the walls and heal our "holes," we can experience a rebirth, a spiritual awakening!

We wake up and start to see everything, everything, EVERYTHING is in divine order.  All is happening for my highest good - even if on the surface or the "human realm" it may not look or feel that way.

There will always be life's cycles:  Sa Ta Na Ma.  Infinity, life, death and rebirth.

Self-love, self-worth and self-esteem work is the order of the day.  When we are shining bright inside, when we have positive feelings, thoughts, words and actions, the laws of the universe can't help but bring the same to us.

Like attracts like.  We no longer have the need to grasp outside of ourselves to feel good.

Do you want to survive or thrive?

We are powerful at creating.  We were given the power to create.  We create our life.

The ancient technologies of poses, breath work, meditations and sacred sound current are some of the powerful tools that help us heal and find our way back again to our Sat Nam.  Our true Self, who we are at the core. This outward shell is an illusion of titles and accomplishments and relationships and misleading expectations. We are LOVE and nothing less. We must clear out the clutter in order to see the Truth.

Love All Ways,




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