Discovering Your Dharma

August 15, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


My last son is looking at colleges and pondering where to begin his journey.  This is the last child of three. I've been through this before.

Just like with the others, I won't stand in the way of his heart's calling.  I want him to find his passion, not mine.  We come here to share our gifts and talents. It's so important for us and us alone to find out our Dharma, without the influence of anyone else's dreams masking our own.

(Sanskritधर्म dharmaPali: à¤§à¤®à¥à¤® dhamma) is the Law that "upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe."

It's important to do what your soul came here to do to help IT evolve and the world evolve; We are each uniquely meant to contribute in our own way - imagine if every new college student sought that path as opposed to a career/job/material path.

We often carry deep ancestral patterning that can get in the way of answering our soul's true call. We can get caught up in the human realm and only think about our bank account or what the neighbors might think.  What should I do to make money?

Of course, that's not really the proper question. Money comes and money goes. That "should" word can really block our ability to "see" clearly what we need to do.

It's not about the money; it's about the meaning. It's about manifesting our destiny.

We WILL make enough money to support ourselves if we support the universe.  We can't change the laws of the universe.  What we give we will receive.  I think someone famous mentioned that once?

Everything we grow through shapes us, if we tune in and listen, to find our dharma. How many of us went to college for one thing and are completely doing something so different now?

It's important not to get caught up in a child's college direction just because we think it doesn't "look" right on the surface.  There's a bigger plan in place.  This is just one small piece of the "movie," one frame out of a whole film.

I understand that we are paying a lot of money for their education.  Here's where we must trust, let go and let God take the reins.  Every single one of us is here to share their gifts and talents and find out what their contribution to healing and elevating this world is.  Whether they're conscious of it or not.

I'm a great example.  I came to Michigan from Pennsylvania at 18 years old to study the clarinet at the University of Michigan.  Actually, I started being "shown" Michigan at the age of 13 when I attended Interlochen Music Camp.

I came back at 16 and again at 18.  I considered many schools before enrolling at Michigan. Flash forward 30 years, and many interesting experiences along the way TOTALLY assisted me in how to run a business today, I'm still here and owning a yoga studio!  And I'm sure the story isn't done.

Every pose prepares us for the next one.

When I look back, I can SEE the complete Divine Plan that played out.  I could have never seen it that way if I looked at what was happening on the surface all those years in the making.

I was totally meant to be directed to Southeast Michigan to discover yoga and meditation, meet some of my teachers here so I could  awaken my abilities as a light worker on this planet.  It "looked like" I was coming to college here, but apparently Team Spirit thought I was needed in this location on the planet for a dharma that I would soon discover.  They needed to get me here somehow!  (They are sneaky.)

We need a third eye's perspective, the intuitive body, to see the BIGGER picture..... the Truth of what's really going on.

May we trust, allow, accept and listen to God's plan..... it's always broadcasting if we can just get still and quiet enough to listen.



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