Cows in the Streets

March 8, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


Sometimes when Americans get fearful of traveling to India, they wrinkle their noses and say, "There are cows in the streets," as if that should be a reason never to visit this incredible place.

Yes, there are cows in the streets. Many. They are beautiful, peaceful animals that just roam up and down the streets and at night, they collect together in a huddle for comfort, for warmth, for safety.

Walking down the streets and alleyways to morning yoga, we've passed stray dogs, cows and even a couple of donkeys. Unbridled, unleashed, just wandering, peacefully, no bother, sharing life with the humans.

What, may I ask, is so off-putting about this?

I mean, aren't we all part of the world, creatures with our own roles and missions to accomplish, our own contributions to make? Why does it scare Americans so to visit a place where animals are free to roam and respected in their birthright?

It doesn't bother any of us in the least. In fact, we find it quite charming.

And when you're in India for several weeks on a spiritual journey, it actually feels like everything is in its right place when you see cows roaming beside you.

Katherine says that every time she returns from India, she misses the animals in the streets. Our streets at home are boring, she says, empty, in a way, devoid of life.

If we are so careful to separate all living creatures, to compartmentalize and not believe that we actually share this earth with all, no wonder we become fearful of visiting unknown places.

How about we break down the barriers and see the life in all?

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