Clean Mind or Clean Hair?

February 3, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


Sounds so trivial and silly huh? Somedays I have to literally make that decision.  Sometimes I may only have enough time to meditate or wash my hair before I have to get to the next item on my agenda.

And I have a lot of hair so hairasana is not quick for me!

I would rather put on a hat than skip my meditation any day.  No matter how nice my hair may look, if I skip my morning meditation to wash and style it, my mind (thoughts, words and actions as well) could still be so "dirty" that glowing hair couldn't hide a thing.

Cleansing my mind each morning from yesterday's old vibrations, fears, worries, doubts, judgments, and those are just mine - forget about the gunk I pick up from other people! It's way more important to start each day literally on a clean page so that I don't project old worries and fears onto a fresh new day!

Meditation clears the subconscious and unconscious of old traumas, dramas, programming and dysfunctional patterns.  It's a daily bath for your mind.

It's important to remember that we do not meditate for the experience in meditation.  We meditate for what it brings to our lives.  We meditate to develop our full potential for love, happiness and success in life.  We meditate for the benefits we enjoy in daily life. We just sit down and do it with no expectations.  We ALLOW the meditation to happen.

I liken it to brushing my teeth.  I just do it because I know and trust it works!

Benefits of daily meditation:

More clarity - we are more clear on what will serve our highest good

Our tastes change - we lose the taste for things that are bad for our body

Our relationships change - we have more love to give and destructive relationships tend to end

Synchronicities increase - we are at the right place at the right time more and more

We are happier, more fulfilled - we can ride the waves of life much more easily

We become more intuitive - we start to know; strong inner "google"

Meditation isn't only for hippies or the new age crowd.  And I hear you saying; "I don't have the time." Hey listen, I'm a mother of one last teenager at home (3 sons all together), a business owner, full-time yoga teacher (I teach 8 or 9 classes every week!) and I have several other balls in the air, juggling just like you. And yet, I find the time. Or rather, I make the time because it makes my life so much better.

We ALL can meditate.  It's helpful to have a meditation teacher who can teach you and support you on your journey.  Someone you can check in with from time to time. (Of course, I do this! Let me know if you're interested.)

There are many paths of meditation i.e. guided, walking, concentrating, visualizing, chanting or inner-mantra based to name a few.  Explore a few, and your soul will know which one is perfect for you! You won't lose a thing by being open to meditating except a lot of stress!

You're worth it.  Start allowing and let go.




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