Chuck Gaidica's Big Move - bRight Alignment

February 17, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


"God picked me up by the collar and put me on this track…..sell your house, give up your job and go this way…" That's how Chuck Gaidica described his journey of listening to his soul or what we call in yoga, following his dharma. (Check out the video.)

When he announced last week that he was leaving a 27-year TV news meteorologist career to become a minister at Oak Pointe Church in Novi, I wasn't surprised. I don't know Chuck, but I know well the urge to follow a spiritual path - and I know that we are in an Aquarian Age where we are meant to align our spirituality with our daily lives.

What surprised me the most was seeing nearly 10 minutes of conversation live on local NBC TV news about changing from mainstream media to a spiritual path, his colleagues by his side and chiming in, supportive as can be.

Chuck is moving from "success to significance" - as he put it: "I feel a calling." After 27 years at WDIV and 32 years in Detroit, he is shifting to work for God, as pastor of world outreach. It's a position he has spent the last six years studying, traveling and preparing for.

His announcement came on a powerful day astrologically.  I'd imagine channel 4 didn't know that it occurred on the Super New Moon, or second new moon in January.

Read below:

"There is magic and excitement in the air as we feel a rebirth coming forth. With this second New Moon in January, which is a SUPER MOON in AQUARIUS, aligning with the kick off of the YEAR OF THE HORSE, and VENUS in her rebirth ready to go direct, the energy is finally shifting forward!

We are ready to emerge forth and share our uniqueness add our vision to the collective. Aquarius reminds us to see the big picture, to include all of humanity in our prayers and make our choices based on the good of the whole.

The shift from ME to WE is emerging, and WE have been healing, shedding, and letting go of the past, to make way for the new to emerge." mystic mamma 

I get so excited as I watch what is going on more and more. They were singing way back in the 60's that this would be a time of spiritual enlightenment for many; The Age of Aquarius.  It's just so exciting that some have a big enough platform to be the messenger for the rest of us!

Chuck is bRight on time! All has been pushing us in a transformational direction for the past 10 years getting us ready for now.  The collapse of this or that, anything not in right alignment with our soul's destiny fell apart or ended etc.

Oprah was one of the first what I like to call "mainstream"  messengers in my time as she started to have her spiritual awakening.  Yes there have been many spiritual leaders way before her but I'm referring to mainstreamers "coming out" and not being afraid to share their journey publicly.

This is unheard of that a local weatherman of over 27 years would just come out and say this much less the station give him air time to do it and for over 6 minutes say the word God several times!

It's truly a sign things are shifting!

So congratulations Chuck and thank you for listening to your soul's calling, having the courage to live in your Truth and for allowing all of us to witness your bright light leading the way! We need more light leaders on this planet now more than ever.

May we all have the courage to walk in our Light in our most authentic way.


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