Check-Out Yoga

February 14, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


After teaching yoga, I often go next-door and shop at a local grocery that carries many of the healthier foods I like to eat. I've been going to this store for probably 6 years, since it opened.  I guess you could say I'm a regular now. And since I own the yoga studio next-door, I've gotten to know many of the employees.

Some have come and some have gone but I always love chatting up yoga, conscious living or sharing something to "lighten" their day.

However lately, the most enlightened young man disguised as a cashier has been "studying" with me in the checkout lane.

Check-Out Yoga!

We met one day as I placed my ghee, vegetables, almond milk and salad on the belt.  We were making the usual cordial conversation that most people do as they check out.  I don't remember how we got to the subject that I taught yoga and ran the business next-door, but it happened quickly. And it was meant to.

It took just minutes before his eyes lit up with questions.  He was a seeker just like me. In fact, I've always been seeking this path of higher consciousness. Ready to learn the next thing!

He picked my brain about different types of yoga and what I thought about the planets and meditation.  Each conversation, I offer him a mantra or recommend a particular teacher or a meditation for stimulating prosperity within.

At the end of our brief "yoga class," I give him a homework assignment to do before we "divinely" meet again.

I suggest he Google a Sanskrit or Gurmukhi word, find a book, observe a YouTube meditation or check out a particular type of yoga practice. He eagerly takes it all in, and we say goodbye. A huge smile of curiosity, love and excitement is always the last thing I see on his face as I leave the store.

He takes the assignment, runs with it and then some!

I love how we meet again at just the perfect time. He reports to me that he did this or read that and that he and his young wife started some Kundalini Yoga at home!

Before I even ask how he's doing, he has a bubbling list of fascinating questions to ask me. We advance to the next layer of learning.

Sometimes he isn't working the cashier position. I'm back again for milk, supplements, fruit and greens, standing in line, and out of nowhere he runs up to me, to tell me what he's stumbled onto and ask what it means or what I think about it.

"Can you help me contact the Akashic Records?" he asked the other day. To keep it simple, these records are basically our past, present and future paths/experiences/karmas stored in higher realms. Wow, how fun to ignite and light a young  seeker ready to launch into the stratosphere.

Here we grow. I feel like we just got launched into graduate school overnight.

This latest question opened up a whole new realm of study, curiosity and new homework assignments as there are many other layers to journey in before we are ready to leap that vertically.  

Except I can tell he will leap fast. Up, up and away. Check-Out Yoga… .who knew.



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