Birthing the New Age and Then Some

December 20, 2012
Katherine Austin Wooley


If you've had a child, mother or father, you know how birthing takes work. But the flip side is usually filled with joy and gratitude!

What has been going on for the past year and more as a collective consciousness and right here at home is so similar to the gestation and birthing process.  Our old website was with us for more than 7 years, and it served us well.

Now, in time for a new age and a new, lighter, brighter collective consciousness, I'm proud to say:  welcome to our new Karma Yoga site!

For the past 6 months, a talented and creative support team has been working diligently to birth our new site.  I'm so grateful for all their help and beautiful commitment to understanding and really feeling what Karma Yoga stands for.

Thank you Lynne, Krissy and Brian for really embodying your yoga and going with the flow while birthing this special baby. It wasn't easy! (Especially when I decided many times to change my "birth plan" and flow a different way.)  Thank you for your unconditional love.

We were told that with this new age birthing on 12/21/12, the energy would be big and amplifying everything in its wake.  So true.

I've observed many around me lately struggling with increased feelings and emotions.  I was asked many times over the past few weeks to be of service and help guide many people over some evolutionary bumps.

This is a great time of a massive push forward to raise our awareness, leave baggage behind, do personal healing work and move into the golden age of pure love and compassion.  We were born for a time like this.  It's daunting...and exciting!

Looking back, I can see now that my own re-birthing, which began in 2007 and was quite painful and a lot of work, was clearly in divine order. It's allowed me to help others today at this pivotal "delivery room" space and time.  I am so grateful to share my journey and the many technologies that helped me heal and find my light.

Late in 2011, I was guided to evolve Karma Yoga toward the "conscious conception" and birth of our Family Yoga track. These classes, workshops and other offerings assist today's families in raising their New Age children.

And, taking the lifecycle from very beginning through its many stage, this year I "birthed" myself as a certified officiant of marriage and married my first spiritual partnership couple as they began their journey together. (Look for that blog in the future - I've never attended a wedding like that!)

Next September, Karma celebrates 10 years of service in our community.  Little did I know when we birthed back in 2003 that our Karma family would be so grown up today, walking this path of light and love.

Thank you, Karma Family!   May you find much strength, support and wisdom amongst these pages on your path of Love.

With much love and gratitude,  xoKatherine

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