"Who Said That?"

February 10, 2014
Katherine Austin Wooley


**Warning!! The following discussion is not for everyone :)  If you're willing to keep your mind open, then keep calm and read on!

There I was one summer up in northern Michigan, lying on an air mattress in a tent about 5 or 6 years ago, and I heard this voice: "You've done all that you can.  It's time to let go."

"Who said that? Who's there?"

I was a little startled when the voice came through so loud and clear. I needed to get up and look around to see who was talking!

At first you think you're hearing things or making it up or need more sleep. You think you might be losing it. What's actually happening is you are holding less stress and starting to "tune in" to a higher "radio station," Divine 111.1, so to speak.

We all have this ability to hear our soul, Team Spirit (angels & guides), i.e. the voice of the divine.  If you had told me years ago that meditation and a few years of yoga under my mat would connect me to higher realms, I wouldn't have believed you.

I was so disconnected I didn't even know they were out there!  Little did I know they were speaking to me all along; I just didn't recognize it.  They speak to all of us. We are guided all the time by messages, ideas, intuitive direction, really just about everything.

After this first encounter I began to gather some good resources to learn more about connecting.  I loved Rebecca Rosen's book Spirited.  I started to work with her ideas and results came quickly.  I was able to understand how higher guidance spoke to me.

It seems silly, but Spirit loves to pop in through electronics and play or show you a message out of nowhere (or so it seems) yet it's right on.  It's the answer or idea you asked for! Rebecca says they always show up for her on signs or license plates.  Is it random or coincidence? Ha!

Once I began to open my eyes and ears, I got the hang of it and found communication everywhere. It was fun when I "woke up" and started to notice when they would randomly leave a feather on the ground.

Last winter I was in a yoga teacher training class with about 35 people.  We were in a down dog, the class was very serious because it was a training, and all of a sudden I hear several people talking! I thought to myself, why are people talking during this class? That's crazy.  Crazy right!  I lifted my head from the pose to see who was chattering and no one was! We had "visitors" in the room.

There were more in that room than 35 yoga students. Crazy cool.

This past New Year's Eve, I had just laid my head down on my pillow to fall asleep and boom, I heard: "all there is to do is LOVE." I wanted to say: "Who Said That!!" But now I know too well who did. I love it! It was my 2014 news headline just for me.

These different types of connecting i.e.  knowing, hearing, feeling, seeing (in your mind's eye or visual eyes) can be developed, if you want, by everyone.  You need to spend some time clearing the stress from your nervous system, mind and body, get lots of rest, remove agitating foods, people, places and things  from your life "diet" and most of all have faith and believe.

I'm no expert and newer to "listening in" but if you want some higher help, ideas and creativity what do you have to lose?  Invite higher guidance and assistance in.  They need your permission first. Make the "call."

"Ask and you shall receive" I think is the old saying?





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