"Take Your Passion and Make It Happen"

July 1, 2013
Katherine Austin Wooley


A Facebook friend recently shared this on my timeline and I loved it!  Now you might say: "that's easy if you're lucky, born into the right family, blah, blah, blah."

When we're still caught up on the human realm of thinking that WILL be true. We are really limiting the universe in supporting our dreams and desires. We literally pinch them off!  We are scared.

It's not the Truth.

The ego always speaks first and speaks the loudest.  It will talk us out of anything that could make us feel uncomfortable or create growth. When we're feeling nervous or uncomfortable we're growing!  It's a good sign.

Many of us have been brought up to only think about $$ and not always to follow our heart's desire or better yet our inner GPS.  That's how we get "stuck"and stuck in a job we've hated for too many years or an unhealthy relationship etc usually from FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) of how will I survive if I leave?  So we often give up, let go of our heart and become numb.

It's not a vibrational match to us.  To our Truth.

A Course In Miracles says:  "Do you think you'll really starve if you don't have green paper strips and metal discs?"  I LOVE that.  The laws of the universe never change.  They still work.  Not some of the time, ALL the time.

When we're abundant, abundance will come to us.  When we're not it won't.  Like attracts like.

Not maybe in our small limited human thinking, but in magical ways WE could never have thought of.

We have to trust, allow, accept, jump and let go.

I remember the time in my life when it felt like I was literally jumping off a cliff.  It was the scariest time and the most freeing.  I KNEW in the moment that my inner GPS was right and that was the beginning of always trying to listen to my soul.

Each of us came here to share our gifts and talents.  We came here to let, not to get.  The more we let, the more the universe responds with abundance on ALL realms.

Let's look at this...... if we fill ourselves up, listen to what our heart really wants to do then we share in our families, at our jobs and in our community with PASSION!  We don't approach these "life roles" with anger, depletion or resentment because we are living in our Truth.

When we're not in alignment we are sad, anxious, angry, depressed and any other lower vibrational words, feeling or emotions you can come up with.  When we ARE in alignment we are joyful, patient, calm, creative, elevated and above all PASSIONATE!  We are living our dharma.

Take the chance and follow your heart's desire.  How will we ever know if we're not willing to take a risk?  We may not get it right the first time and that's ok!

If we look at everything as an adventure, a journey then we learn the lessons we need to learn for the next adventure to be more successful and in vibrational alignment with our destiny!!






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