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When someone leaves their body......chant Aka

December 31, 2012
Chant akal - this meditation or chant may be done by anyone as a gift to the soul that has left its body. The chanting of the akal farewell raises the vibration and light to aid in the transition. This chant akal call helps send the soul home to creator. Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with spine, neck, and head in alignment, slight chin tuck). Eyes closed, focus at 3rd Eye (up and out, 2 ½ finger widths above the bridge of the nose). Gyan Mudra (Arms outstretched, straight line shoulder to finger tips, index fingernail in first joint of thumb). Set intent: For passing of "state the name"...

Juicing the New Year

December 30, 2012
By Kelly Haskee   Stand with a neutral mind under a sunlit sky Radiate the union of forces of nature that tickle your soul Breath in the sweetness of the trees exhale, Connect to the Cosmos all that is You are God's divine reflection of perfection   May we all Ascend into this new year with an Enlightened Intention. Filling ourselves with Love, Peace and Bliss. Pour forth your gifts of truth and feel the joy that exists. This is a time to match our nourishment of vibration to conscious choices on many levels.  May I suggest a beautiful green fresh juice drink, which holds...

Freedom House Donations were a success!!

December 28, 2012
Dear Cheryl:  I am writing to and hoping you will forward this message to Karma Yoga. Today, thanks to the generosity of the many people at Karma who donated boots, our residents (adult and children), and their esteemed executive director, played outside in the snow the first time.  We had snow-ball fights, tried to build a snowman, and made snow angels…it was magnificent! Deborah A. Drennan, Executive Director   Freedom House 2630 W. Lafayette Detroit, MI  48216 (313) 964-4320 ext. 11 (313) 963-1077 (fax) [email protected] Freedom House...

Human Beings, Not Human Doings

December 26, 2012
By Nancy McCaochan Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit yug, to yoke, harness or bind, is commonly translated as "union."  This concept is familiar to most of us who practice regularly.   During class we hold various postures and move between them and unite body, mind and spirit through the agencies of breath and attention to the sensations we experience The focused attention that we cultivate during class becomes a form of meditation; it slows us down to appreciate the BEING who's doing the poses.  Another way to say this is that the combination of deep breathing and focused attention relaxes...

The Fifth Dimension and no it's not the group

December 22, 2012
A channeling from AA Michael 12/18/12, enjoy!!: "You will have a sensation of deeper connection, of what you think of as euphoria. Understand what is taking place. Your heart awareness, your knowing, is wide open Now, I have to tell you the sense of physicality and being in physical body, when you are in the fifth dimension, is very different insofar as so many of you have been exhausted. And it is because you have been getting used to holding these vibrations and frequencies. And you have done a good job, by the way. All of you have done a magnificent job. Your determination has been very impressive....

Birthing the New Age and Then Some

December 20, 2012
If you've had a child, mother or father, you know how birthing takes work. But the flip side is usually filled with joy and gratitude! What has been going on for the past year and more as a collective consciousness and right here at home is so similar to the gestation and birthing process.  Our old website was with us for more than 7 years, and it served us well. Now, in time for a new age and a new, lighter, brighter collective consciousness, I'm proud to say:  welcome to our new Karma Yoga site! For the past 6 months, a talented and creative support team has been working diligently to birth...