Experience the Stillness

August 28, 2018
Nancy McCaochan


Deep Relaxation Comes When We Are Still, says Yin Yoga Teacher, Patricia Scott

Patricia also says:  

There are very few places in our hectic world where we can be still, be observant and drain the stress from our bodies; however, a Yin Yoga class is one of those places.  The practice of Yin is a quieter practice that offers us the possibility of balance in our physical, emotional and mental being by offering a softer more meditative practice.

The practice is simple, but it isn’t easy. There are only five or six postures in an hour-long class—meaning the postures are held for a longer period of time: typically 3 – 5 minutes. And yes, some of the postures are challenging. During the holds, the student has the opportunity to go deeply into their own experience: paying attention to the fluctuations in the breath, noticing sensation ebbing and flowing in the physical body and noticing the thoughts in the mind that are all part of any yoga practice. In a Yin practice, however, there is stillness, space and encouragement for contemplation.

I love this practice and I love teaching this practice. I notice my students come into class in their everyday mindset: busy, rushed, and reliving the stresses of their day. By the end of class, they have relaxed, opened into their bodies and their minds are calm and clear. What a transformation.

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